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Q.Do PTTI Graduates get jobs in their related field of study and at what starting salaries?

highest paying trade school careers

A. Yes, see we provide high paying jobs via the Department of Labor & Statistics on Careers, Wages and Statistics as follows: Welding, Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive Technicians, Central Processing and Service, Concreting, Masonry and Framing,Steam, Sprinkler and Pipe Fitting. At Philadelphia Technician Training Institute we assist our graduates to secure 70% and above high paying jobs in the programs as listed above.

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Also, you can look up these high paying jobs in trade skills, Career/Technical Programs Offered by Philadelphia Technician Training Institute by CIP Code

CIP Code Name of Program

  • Welding Technician
  • Automotive Technology & Repair
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Central Processing and Service
  • Concreting, Masonry and Framing
  • Steam, Sprinkler and Pipe Fitting