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In these turbulent and uncertain economic times, education programs ought to focus on finding their graduate a job and eventually a career and to achieve this students lookout for the top trade school in the city of Philadelphia.

PTTI was founded on this exact philosophy 10 years ago. PTTI was formed by a Drexel University graduate who believes in our youth to receive a technology-driven education so that they can secure great technical careers and eventually give a direction to their lives. Now PTTI’s growth is fueled by employees, faculty who have graduated from Universities and Colleges such as Allegheny, Temple, Cheyney, Lincoln Technical Institute, Community College, VVP Engineering in India, Stevens Technical Institute, and others.

The school’s programs focus on hands-on training along with both online and classroom curriculum. The only way to gain sustainable employment in the 21st century is to know how to interact with trade and technology and use it into our day to day life, and that is what PTTI assists its students with.

There are many programs to choose from at PTTI. We comprehend 6 independent programs from different industries:

PTTI encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate technical education that allows for individual differences and learning styles to acquire technology skills and secure long-term employment in diverse industries.

PTTI’s vision is consistent with The Pennsylvania STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiative which seeks to dramatically increase the number of students (especially females, minorities, and the underrepresented) entering STEM-related careers.

The Instructors at PTTI are experts in their respective fields and come with real-world industry experience; which makes them ideal for our students as they get students very close to real-world knowledge with hands-on experience.

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The Goal of PTTI Faculty is to make sure PTTI students secure employment eventually crafting a career for themselves and thus, they also assist the students in providing skills for the interview, resume writing, and more – getting the students ready for the real world outside.

PTTI Instructors are closely involved in Grade evaluation, hands-on assessments, and tests. Our Instructors notifies and helps our students to understand how they are evaluated.

Let’s connect to discuss how Our Programs can help you shape your future.

Talk to an Admissions Representative at 215-381-9403 or send an email at info@ptt.edu or chat with us now.